Our only focus is creating the world's most stylish, comfortable and durable soft goods.

We are a Los Angeles-based, specialty textile company that designs, manufactures and sells premium soft goods. Passionate about design, feel and durability, we obsess to satisfy the most discerning customer. We draw design inspiration from around the world, work with multiple suppliers to find the softest materials, and relentlessly test our products to ensure our products stand the test of time.

Our Story

Morrow Soft Goods was conceived by two married couples over a dinner party; the four close friends came to realize their passion for quality home textiles, and an idea was born. Between the four of them - a fashion designer, an architect, a designer / illustrator, and a marketing / strategy executive - they knew they had what it takes to create products they themselves would be proud to own. Each of the founders has a global perspective, and the team embraces this diversity in their aesthetic inspiration, design process and manufacturing.

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The Morrow Team is: James Toney III, Scott Cleary, Stephanie Cleary and Michelle Paul Toney 

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