New Year. Fresh Start.

New Year. Fresh Start.

As we start a new year, we get a chance to begin again. It's an opportunity to try something new and change it up for the better. We all know resolutions are easy to make, and not so easy to stick to. Let's keep it simple and invest in a better sleep life for 2019. 

Invest in you. Give yourself an extra few minutes each morning to dedicate some time for yourself. Throw on a robe and enjoy your morning drink. Light a candle and wrap yourself in a blanket - do something small to set the day in the direction you want it to go. And don't forget to make your bed.


Find your inspiration

A fruitful new year takes some inspiration. Here's a taste of where we find ours at the moment.

  1. In out design blog - One of our favorite interior design blogs
  2. L-e-a-b-o - Interior design
  3. Poetry of Material Things - Pretty things to distract you from everything else
  4. Martina Jane - Interiors, clothing and mood
  5. The Design Files - A showcase of everything design
  6. Marta Katarzyna Buda on Pinterest - For a bit of everything
  7. Cacto Shop - Mood, Jewellery & Clothing 
  8. Cathrina Broderick - Clothes and color stories
  9. The Design Chaser - Minimal design blog and mood boards
  10. A Merry Mishap - Home decor

fresh scent for 2019

Inspired by California pines, the IYE candle allows us to pass along a bit of our home to yours. Each is hand-poured in Los Angeles with the fresh scent of fig, moss and cedarwood.

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