Morrow Moments: What We’re Inspired by This Week

Morrow Moments: What We’re Inspired by This Week

There’s an infinite amount of content on the internet, but everyone knows that most of it is not worth your time. And yet, it’s so easy to get pulled in many different directions when you’re on the web, finding yourself in an endless rabbit hole of pointlessness. Instead, let’s put our focus on the good of technology, especially on its ability to enrich our lives with stories and images we would have never seen if we hadn’t happened to log on. With that in mind, here’s some of our the most engaging things we’ve stumbled upon this week:

Self Practice

A blog and Instagram dedicated to deep self care and healing that covers everything from the benefits of ayurveda to how to create lasting rituals in your life. We love this arresting quote— “Are you honoring your limits? Where can you cut back? Your worth is not measured by your energy expenditure.”

La Marcheuse by Christine and the Queens

Take a walk through provincial France with this serene and enigmatic music video that explores how it feels to cast of judgement and embrace your demons so they no longer enslave you.

The Row Spring 2019 Collection

Impressive draping, stark contrasts and the perfect color cream come together to form this heavenly approach to spring. 

In Residence: Muller Van Severn

A delicate tour through the unexpected home of Ghent-based design duo, Muller Van Severn. Watch mindfully as a stately exterior breaks way to the playful, intuitive interior of our dreams.

Adrienne Rich on How Reading Emancipates

Brain Picking’s Maria Popova takes a brief look at the writing of Adrienne Rich, exploring how reading literature is essential to critical thinking and democracy. An essential thing to dwell on in these unsettling times.

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