Waking Up With: Art Director Chelsea Spear

Waking Up With: Art Director Chelsea Spear

 It would be a dream to wake up in the delicately minimalist home of Portland creative, Chelsea Spear. Her incredibly intentional decor is clearly styled with the same thoughtful hand she applies to all of her curatorial and artistic efforts. We cozied up to Chelsea on a rainy Northwest morning to learn about her approach to waking up and to gain some peaceful inspiration to apply to the rest of our days.  

What’s one thing you remember about this morning?

This morning I took a bath with lavender salts, which is a guilty pleasure of mine and a perfect way to start the day.

You live in Portland, where the weather is relatively predictable, but do you have a favorite kind of weather to wake up in? Sunny and warm? Crisp and snowy? 

I’m a huge fan of foggy mornings. The light, the quiet, the mood…all of it makes me want to stay in bed forever and read a beautiful book.

Creatively, when do your best ideas come to you? 

I think creativity and I have our most inspired talks in the late evenings, but my best execution happens in the morning when I’m awake and energized to make things.

Do you have any morning rituals? If so, tell us one of your favorites:

My mornings used to feel chaotic so I’ve been working hard on getting a full night's rest and waking up earlier. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying stretching and meditation each morning and the effects they have on the rest of my day.

If you had to have one song as your alarm forever, what would it be?

Silly Love Songs, by Wings. I’ve got a huge crush on Paul McCartney.

Tell us about the last dream you remember:

I dreamed I was at a David Bowie concert in the 90s, and my outfit was fabulous. Iman was there, and we drank champagne and danced—I’d dream that again if I could!

Aesthetics are obviously very important to you, tell us about how you’ve organized/decorated your bedroom and what mood are you trying to evoke?

I keep my bedroom and bathroom very clean and minimal in decor. I have Morrow’s Midnight sheets and Stone duvet set, paired with a simple black platform bed and nightstand. My room is painted white, floor to ceiling, so I use natural woods, tropical plants, and handwoven accents to make the space feel comfortable and serene. 

What’s the best book to read in bed?

My all time favorite book is Walden by Henry David Thoreau. It’s a wonderful spiritual and emotional read, and makes the mind wander in the best way.

Fill in the blanks

The coolest place I’ve ever woken up in is: 


The best cup of coffee is at:

Case Coffee, Ashland, Oregon

A thing about mornings I’ll never get sick of is:

New opportunities.

Photography by Chelsea Spear.
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