Hands-On: A Roundup Of Our Favorite Print Magazines

Hands-On: A Roundup Of Our Favorite Print Magazines

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead. In fact, there’s been a recent resurgence of young writers and designers striving to keep the medium alive by creating artful new magazines for those who are addicted to the feel of paper between their fingers. At Morrow, we love nothing more than to curl up in bed with an inspiring read and so we put together a list of some of our current favorite publications: 

1. The Plant

Our love for greenery is no secret, so The Plant is a natural favorite. Since 2010, the Barcelona-based publication has taken the love of botany to a new level. Each issue focuses on a specific plant with photo stories, illustrations, poetry etc. inspired by the particular genus.

2. The Gentlewoman

A classic for the ladies, The Gentlewoman “celebrates modern women of style and purpose”. It has the feel of an old newspaper, but instead of cartoons and daily disruptions, it’s filled with top notch journalism, photography and style for days.

3. Victory Journal

Victory takes a unique look at sports and culture in the most artful way. It’s niche, but so fascinating that even the most athletic-adverse will find someone to interest them. Plus, it’s large size and bold photography look incredible on any coffee table.

4. Apartamento

Since 2008, Apartmento has been inspiring us with it’s honest and aspirational look at interiors. Each issue features interviews with design “cool kids” and incredible looks at home decor around the world.

5. Classfare

A brand new magazine that features profiles on creative people doing creative things. It’s a simple concept, but Classfare gets it’s right with compelling photos and impeccable design.

6. Kinfolk

Ah, the magazine that launched a thousand dinner parties. Though relatively new, Copenhagen-based Kingfolk is an instant classic. Each issue is based on a particular element of life, such as relationships or work, that is impeccably explored in it’s pages. With Kinfolk, the hype is warranted.

7. Hole And Corner

Started in 2013, Hole & Corner focuses on craft and design and profiles the “doers” of the world. Each issue has a central theme, though the thread throughout is skill—it allows you not only to take a look at beautiful things, but to begin to appreciate the beauty in the process as well.

8. Printed Pages

 Did you know that famed British art blog It’s Nice That has a print companion? Well, they do and it’s lovingly called Printed Pages. Issues are released bi-annually and filled to the brim with an optimistic look at today’s creative community.

And here's some not-so IRL journals we love:

9. Girls At Library

GAL takes a look at the reading habits of the modern woman. Each profile takes a look at the literary loves of creatives accompanied by beautiful photos of their homes and their book collections. Other than being a refreshing reminder that people still read, GAL is full of recommendations from like-minded ladies—you can’t go wrong!

10. Sand And Such

Sand and Such profiles the sleeping habits of people with really nice natural light in their bedrooms (JK, but really, these photos!). Sleep is a great equalizer and a source of mystery for many. We love their fresh look at all things bedroom.

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