Consider These 4 Things When Picking Out Pillows

Consider These 4 Things When Picking Out Pillows

Pillows are an instant pick-me-up. 

Their variation of design and cozy feel are a true essential for any room. But, with all the options out there it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for your style and space. We’ve put together a list of 4 things to consider when picking out pillows to make sure that you choose the best option every time—check them out!

1. Play with Proportion

Switching up the size and shape of your pillows creates instant energy in a room by moving your eye from variation to variation. In a bedroom, you’ll most likely have larger pillows near your headboard, so consider arranging them in descending order with the smallest at the front. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with one shape though—just because shams are rectangular doesn’t mean you can’t include round or cylindrical pillows on your bed. Just remember—the more playful the shapes, the more eclectic the look!

2. Perfect Symmetry

A foolproof way to display pillows is symmetrically. Sure, you can toss them around to create a boho-vibe, but if you’re looking for a tried and true classic look—line ‘em up. Odd numbers often look best for accessories (we recommend groups of three or five!) but a line-up of four perfectly symmetrical pillows is also chic.

3. Try Texture

Decorating with throw pillows is the perfect opportunity to get playful with texture. Likely, your bedding or couch is a smooth surface, so adding a rough or fluffy-textured pillow will instantly break up the monotony. We love our raw cotton pillows because although they have an outstanding, hardy weave, they’re softer than you could imagine.

4. Go Neutral

When in doubt—stick with neutrals. Of course, pillows are a great opportunity to really show off your style, but the amount of variety out there can be overwhelming. If you’re stuck in choice-paralysis, pillows in classic shapes and neutral, minimalist colors are always in style. But, going neutral doesn’t mean you have to be boring! Look for classics with a twist, like our raw cotton pillows. Despite being heirloom quality and designed to transcend trend, they have a specialness about them that feels incredibly modern.

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