5 Tasteful Ways To Bring Color Into A Space

5 Tasteful Ways To Bring Color Into A Space

Neutral design is always in style, but how do you keep a serene space from going stale? It’s easy to go overboard with color and pattern and give yourself over to a too-trendy aesthetic that you’ll be sick of in six months. Instead, stick with the classics, but choose to spruce them up with tasteful touches of color. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s five things that you can trust to add color, but not clutter, to your space.  

1. Plants

We’ll go ahead and get this tip out of the way ‘cause it should surprise no one. Turns out nature knows a good neutral, and adding some life-giving green will brighten up any space. If you’ve chosen a minimalist approach to your home, the calming color that greenery gives is your best bet for adding visual texture without overwhelming your paired-down vibe.

2. Pillows

There’s a reason pillows are a designer’s go-to. Small and easily changeable, colorful pillows on your bed or couch are an instant pick me up. If your larger decor pieces are timeless neutrals, the versatility of pillows allows you to follow the seasons or trends without the burden of permanence.

3. Sheets

There’s not much that’s cheekier than the peek of a bold sheet under a neutral duvet. Although what you do in them is your secret, it’s fun to give a nod to the faithful fabric that lines where you lounge.

4. Throws

Although typically a seasonal addition, throws can be an easy, all-year item that will bring soft color and texture to any room. Placed strategically over a chair or displayed on a vintage ladder, throws add a sense of cozy, handmade craftsmanship to a space no matter what the thermostat says.

5. Artwork

Choosing art can be tedious, but once you find the perfect piece, it’ll liven up your space for a lifetime. Bright, bold graphic prints look exceptionally amazing on white walls, but don’t feel confined to paint on canvas—handwoven textiles make incredible conversation pieces.

Photography by Marisa Vitale.

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